Consumers & Social Media

Vision Critical’s recently published study, From Social to Sale  provides some answers to  exactly how a company’s social media strategy could be tailored to drive sales. Using interviews from almost 6,000 participants, the company evaluated social media purchasing  against participation in Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

.As an umbrella company Apple has managed to infiltrate the technology market with a massive influx of unique products that have been marketed to the consumer as the most efficient and popular equipment there is.

Apple’s unique approach to social not recommended 

It’s generally a bad idea for brands to follow Apple’s initial approach to social media, thereby lacking a centrally managed brand presence, according to Berkowitz. Many companies cherish, and in some cases require, the reach that social media provides, to promote new products or minimize damage if something goes wrong. But not every brand needs to be active on every major social network. “Apple is a unique case, according to Berkowitz. “There’s arguably no other brand in the world with that much love, and practical ownership of the mainstream media to the extent that it can always rely on the press to spread the word for them.”

However, Berkowitz also says it’s hardly a best practice for Apple to ignore, even neglect, its loyal user base. Considering the strength of Apple’s product-focused channels on Twitter, however, it’s clear the company employs “at least a competent if not very talented bunch of social media managers..

Apple does social media differently than its peers in the tech world, and though it isn’t ignoring social to the extent it did in the past, you shouldn’t expect to see any official @Apple account on Twitter anytime soon.

Why isn’t @Apple the voice of the company on Twitter?

This is a question that rears its head every few months. And it’s a valid question at that.

Let’s not forget or belittle the fact that the company boasts highly followed accounts for Beats, iTunes, AppStore, et al. Even Tim Cook Tweets from his personal account. Let’s also remember that Twitter is an information network unlike Facebook, which is more of a social network.

Twitter binds people together around shared interests mostly creating an interest-graph. Facebook is largely comprised of relationships creating the world’s largest and most connected social-graph. Apple doesn’t need to, nor does it have a history of, communicating updates to either graph.

In a post-Jobs era, who or what is the voice of the company?

Having a Twitter account, if you want it to mean something, takes care, intention and thoughtfulness. At the moment, all of Apple’s needs, and more importantly its customers and stakeholders on Twitter, are covered. Anything else requested by those posing the original question might benefit from taking a step back to think through their question. Maybe the question is why would Apple, a highly strategic, secretive and possibly introverted company need a Twitter account? The answer can’t be, “because, every company should open a branded account to talk to people. If you believe that, I have some shares in a shady startup I can sell you.


I’d still take a bite out of that apple.



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